Ignore those long recaps that mention every little boring detail. Zzzz! Instead go indulge in our short, snappy way of reminding you what went down in the latest episode of Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time Recap “In the Name of the Brother”

So, how does this recap even work? Each character name is listed, and then a brief, to-the-point recap of what they were like in this episode.

Snow White: I experimented with cat eye eyeliner and no one has noticed! Emma, I love you. Husband, I love you. But I am stressed. And where is my new house already?

Emma Swan: I’m a big girl cop, okay? Let me just see if I can make this guy any more suspicious than he already is. Okay, good, I did it.

Henry Mills: I’m just down here, mentioning something really important here about how Frankenstein isn’t in the fairy tale book, and as usual you guys are gonna ignore me until it’s too late…

Rumpelstiltskin: Belle! BELLE. Belle 🙁 You ruined the cup and our chance at love, I hate you. I’m taking this clear globe from Cora (who I re-friended on Facebook) and having Emma help me find my good-for-nothing son. Oh wait, I love him? I love him and now am mad at Belle. And everyone else in this town. In fact, I’m going to threaten the least threatening bunch of people about how they better not hurt Belle. Oh, and I wanna murder Captain Hook SO DON’T FORGET IT.

Dr. Whale: I am so full of grief and FEELINGS. My Father had no respect for me and then my brother tried to save me, but died. And then he killed our father. It was a thing. And now I am the only surgeon in all of Storybrooke, and I’m worried all my drinking will get in the way of me performing surgery. Luckily, it won’t.

Ruby: I hope nobody wanted me to be with Archie/Jiminy because suddenly I’m into this Monster-for-Monster love I got going on with Dr. Whale. <3333 I ate my boyfriend, don’t forget this.

Cora: Daughter, I can still bend your mind to my will within five minutes. Now, let’s cause trouble!

Belle: I hate that stupid teacup from that creepy guy who tried to kiss me – and WHERE is the hospital security? You can tell that I’m all confused and distressed because my hair is messed up, okay?

Regina Mills: I resolve to be a better person, I resolve to be a better person, aw, screw it. Anything for power and having Henry!

The above was a new recap format, and I really want to know whether you felt it was entertaining or boring. Do you want more of these in this style?

Series created by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Photo credit: ABC. Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 12, “In the Name of the Brother”