The best Once Upon a Time quotes from season 1, “The Return.”

Oh, let’s not talk about intent. Intent is meaningless. – Mr. Gold Quotes

It’s all going to lead to me, isn’t it? – Regina Mills Quotes

I was trying to kiss you on yore forehead. It was meant to be sweet. – David Nolan Quotes

Once Upon a Time Quotes TV

You’ve got a lot of friends. – Emma Swan Quotes
Didn’t feel like that yesterday. – Mary Margaret Blanchard Quotes

Typewriter wrapped in enigma wrapped in stumble. – Emma Swan Quotes

If one thing I know about, it’s names. – Mr. Gold Quotes

You killed that man. – Rumpelstiltskin’s Son
Well, you were hurt! – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

It was a set-up!- Mary Margaret Blanchard Quotes
A really good one! – David Nolan Quotes

Looks like something in this world doesn’t want us together. – Mary Margaret Blanchard Quotes

Once Upon a Time ABC Quotes

The deal is struck. – Rumpelstiltskin’s Son Baelfire

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I wouldn’t bet against her. She’s an amazing woman. – Mr. Glass Quotes
Do you… are you in love with her? – Emma Swan Quotes

Even mute’s can draw a picture. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

I think he might be here to try and kill me. – Mr. Gold Quotes

Once Upon a Time The Return Quotes

There is good magic, and dark magic. And I’m on the right side. – The Blue Fairy Quotes

But, magic is everywhere. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

Can you do it? Can you leave everything here behind for the unknown. – The Blue Fairy Quotes

But I love you. – David Nolan Quotes
And that is what makes it all so sad. – Mary Margaret Blanchard Quotes

Fairy magic doesn’t mix well with what I have. – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes

Mr. Gold, are you here for the rent? – Archie Hopper Quotes

What kind of world is without magic? – Rumpelstiltskin Quotes
A better one. – Baelfire Quotes

Honesty’s never been the best color on me. – Mr. Gold Quotes

I guess all the lying can stop, Papa. – Baelfire Quotes

You’re a sociopath, lady. – Emma Swan Quotes

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