Explore the best Once Upon a Time quotes from season 1 episode “An Apple Red as Blood.”

I didn’t come for dinner. – Emma Swan
Then what did you come for? – Regina Mills Quotes
You. We all did. – Emma Swan Quotes

You took away our happiness and now it’s our time to take away yours. – Emma Swan Quotes

You have to break the curse. – Henry Mills

You’re a hero, you can’t run. – Henry Mills Quotes

My tree is dying. Why? – Regina Mills Quotes

I wanna strike a new deal. – Regina Mills Quotes

Your family needs you. – Henry Mills Once Upon a Time Quotes

Remembering is the worst curse. – Jefferson

I have no interest in cleaning tongue marks off my mirror. – Evil Queen Quotes

Take a look at the unvarnished wood. – August Boothe Quotes

It would appear sacrifice is overrated. – Evil Queen Quotes

You may not believe in the curse or in me. But I believe in you. – Henry Mills Quotes

Once Upon a Time Quotes TV

What is it we’re after? – Jefferson Once Upon a Time Quotes
An apple. – Regina Mills

Once Upon a time ABC Quotes – “An Apple Red as Blood” Quotes