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You’re ready to be his Mom? – Mary Margaret Blanchard Quotes
Yea. – Emma Swan Quotes

It’s an operation Cobra emergency. – Henry Once Upon a Time Quotes

I’m a real boy. I’m a real boy! – Pinocchio Quotes

No matter what you do, Snow White will have her happy ending. – Henry Quotes

Thank you for being my knight in shining armor. – Regina Mills Quotes
It’s more like Flannel. – David Nolan Quotes- Once Upon a Time Quotes

You come with me and I promise you, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. – August Once Upon a Time Quotes

Knowing who you are, and your nature.. Trust is a big ask. – Mr. Gold Quotes

You may be a conscience but you can’t tell me what to do. – Geppetto Quotes, Once Upon a Time Quotes TV

We’re going on a trip, Emma. So I can tell you somebody’s story. – August Quotes

It’s almost like the universe wanted you to find me. – David Nolan Quotes

Sometimes we have to lie to protect the people we love. – Geppetto

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All we can do is have faith that one day the savior will restore all that was lost. – Blue Fairy Quotes

You’re asking me to believe that you are a fairy tale character. – Emma Swan Quotes

You’re not even a very good liar. – Emma Swan Quotes

I was supposed to be there for you, and I wasn’t. – Pinocchio Quotes Once Upon a Time ABC

If that tree wont’ make you believe, maybe this will. – Pinocchio Quotes

Your denial is more powerful than I thought. You don’t wanna believe. After everything you’ve seen. – Pinocchio Quotes

I don’t want them to need me. – Emma Swan

You’re our only hope. – Pinocchio Quotes
Then you’re all screwed. – Emma Swan Quotes

That seven year old boy who found you, that was me. – Pinocchio Quotes

I don’t think I became the man he wanted me to be. – Pinocchio Quotes

I just feel like fixing things. – Pinocchio Quotes