Who knew that a team made up of the team harlot and the town drunk could be so endearing to us all on Once Upon a Time!?

Best Once Upon a Time Dreamy Quotes:

“What’s more sympathetic, scarf on or off?” – Mary Margaret Blanchard Quotes

Scarf on, but unraveled a bit! The deliver of how Ginnifer Goodwin gave this line was priceless. I assume many gifs of this moment on the screen are already flooding tumblr.

Mary Margaret: Oh my God, you like her. She is a nun, Leroy. Could you possibly pick anyone any less available?
Leroy: Says the girl who went after a married guy.

Again, I am not trying to worship Ginnifer Goodwin, but this was another line that was perfectly uttered and executed. It also illustrated how much Mary Margaret and Leroy had in common.

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“You can do anything as long as you can dream it.” – Astrid quotes Once Upon a Time

Classic Disney love stuff!

“Love is hope. It fuels our dreams. – Belle Quotes Once Upon a Time

You could have ended it after saying it was hope, but the rest makes it even more powerful of a quote. Belle is a genius. Seeing Emilie de Ravin was a treat.

“I’ve never been a home wrecker before.” – Mary Margaret Quotes Once Upon a Time

Well, of course not!

“Quite a team we’d make. Town harlot, town drunk.” – Grumpy Quotes

We love this team, don’t we?

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Image courtesy of Jack Rowand and ABC.