Have you caught the significance of all the different names in Storybrooke?

Names for many characters in Storybrooke are generally related to their fairy-tale counterpart. Because some of these are easier to figure out than others, below we have a list that decodes the names.

Take the following examples for Once Upon a Time Names:

  • What does Emma mean? It means “universal, complete, whole, entire.” Emma helps complete the mystery and untangle the puzzle to make everyone whole again. The name Swan comes from the Nordic surname Sveinn which became Swein. That family motto means fidelity! Swan can also mean “to sing, make sound” and Emma is certainly there to talk about what’s going on an shed light/sound/song on everything.
  • Mary Margaret Blanchard (Snow White): Blanchard is from the French word “blanc” or “blanche” which means white. The name “Mary Margaret” is from a real-life woman believed to be the inspiration of the Snow White character, who was named “Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina Freifräulein von Erthal.” Mary also refers to the pure, virgin Mary from Christian faith.

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  • David Nolan (Prince Charming, James): David in Hebrew meaans beloved, and he is very beloved to Mary Margaret/Snow. Nolan is an Irish surname which goes from Nullan to Nuall and it boils down to meaning noble and famous. He is both, as a prince. James is from the name Jacob, which is from the Hebrew Ya’aqov. Which meanas “holder of the heel” or “supplanter.” It could also be from the Hebrew name Ya’oqov’el, which means “May God protect.”
  • Archie Hopper (Jiminy Cricket): Crickets hop to get around. Some call crickets hoppers.
  • Regina Mills (Evil Queen Regina): Regina means “Queen” in Latin.
  • Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin): Rumpelstiltskin spun straw into gold in his story.
  • Ruby (Red Riding Hood): A ruby is a red gemstone.
  • Ashley Boyd (Cinderella): Asshley for ashes from a fire, and cinders are what happens before ash. Boyd is from the Gaelic word “buidhe” meaning yellow-haired.
  • Kathryn Nolan (Abigal): Abigail is from the Hebrew avigayil meaning “my father is joy.” Abigail loved her father, King Midas. He also made her a princess!
  • Sydney Glass (Mirror): Another word for mirror is glass or looking glass. His newspaper is called The Mirror.
  • Marco (Gepetto): Marco is Spanish/Italian for Mark. This means something akin to “that of a God.” And because Gepetto makes a real life boy, he is like a God.