Mary Margaret Blanchard (Ginnifer Goodwin) has a style that is all her on Once Upon a Time.

once upon a time wardrobe

As a stylish schoolteacher whose altar ego is Snow White, Blanchard wears a lot of feminine, classic pieces that do typically feature a lot of the “color” white. In the OUAT episode titled “Desperate Souls” she’s seen wearing a white coach and matching cloche hat that are simply breathtaking. We are enchanted and downright in love with the way this character is styled.

We’ve seen her in a-line and pleated skirts, checkered crop capris, patterned blouses (tucked into pants), modest cardigans, peter pan collars, mary jane shoes with low kitten heels, and several floral patterns. When she wears something white as her standout piece, it tends to be textured with lace or embellished in some other way.

She has worn the following brands (or had items from the following stores): Anthropologie, Club Monaco, H&M, TopShop. We would also recommend Shabby Apple as an online store with great pieces that fit this aesthetic.

Because so many of the outfit id’s we’ve seen for the actual clothing on Goodwin are out of stock already, here are some suggested dresses and blouses we could see Mary Margaret Blanchard wearing:

Confidential Dress at Shabby Apple, Link

Embossed Basket Dress at Anthropologie, Link

Modern Madeleine Top at Mod Cloth, Link

Teacher’s Pet Skirt at Shabby Apple, Link

once upon a time tv show fashion

Parted Peasant Blouse at Anthropologie, Link

Spanish Steps Cream Flower Applique Dress at Shabby Apple, Link

once upon a time abc fashion

Atlantic Fog Dress at Shabby Apple, Link

(Note: We make no profit from endorsing Shabby Apple, or any of these other stores.)

Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White in the “Snow White Wanted Poster” seen on the show.