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Once Upon a Time Live Blog – Season 2 Premiere “Broken” Review

Song: Charlie’s girls

Postcard: Broken (The episode title, of course!)

The opening image seemed like a ghost or a ninja.. a ninja ghost?

Oh, hey, we’re saving Sleeping Beauty right away! Her purple dress is beautiful. “If this works, we don’t tell her everything. Not right away.” What won’t they tell her? Sleeping Beauty is played by Sarah Bolger, fyi.

Now we get to see Snow White reunite with her dwarves! Yay!

“Now? Now I find my daughter.” – Snow White
“So it’s true?” – Emma Swan

“She did it, she saved all of us.”

“You’re the blue fairy, do something magical!” – Henry

“Is that why you wanted magic? For revenge?”- Belle

“Promise me you won’t give into your hate. Promise me you won’t kill her. Promise me.. and we can be together.” – Belle

“Can we do this later with a glass of wine… several bottles?” – Emma Swan (Yes, lots of Once Upon a Time quotes!)

Raphael Sbarge appeared! Hello, cricket!

I love the idea of them being in the modern world WITH old magic. So cool. This works. And I’m so glad they didn’t wait another season to break the curse.

Dragon… no…ghoul? A giant… angry… floaty monster! “What was that thing?” “Something bad.” Duh! It wasn’t there to drop off some cookies.

“Maybe I don’t need answers. Maybe I just need to punch you in the face!” – Emma

emma swan

ONCE UPON A TIME – ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” stars Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan. (ABC/AUTUMN DE WILDE)

Mr. Gold has.. a thing in a box. Mysterious!

“We’re not from this world.” – Whale
“Well you’re in it now.” – Emma

I love that Snow doesn’t wanna kill Regina. It’s sweet and right.

“The one thing no one can escape. Destiny.” – Rumpelstiltskin

“Whale.” “WHALE?!” “We were cursed!”

So we know the there’s problems in the fairytale world…

Oh, a wraith – soul sucker! (It looks like a dementor!) AND MULAN. “You’re… a girl.” “Woman. My name is Mulan.” And this prince is really cute.

Mulan is played by Jamie Chung.

Oh no, why is the prince crying?

“We’re not done.” – Emma
“Oh, I know. You stole owe me a favor.” – Rumple

That’s gonna bite her in the ass.

Listen, you can’t lie to Belle! “You toy with words like you do people. You’re still a man who makes wrong choices. I thought you changed.” “What, in the hour you’ve known me?” I know he’s sorry and loves her, but he’s gotta do more than just say it. He’s gotta show it. Maybe a little musical number? Light fanfare? All Disney stories love some fanfare!

Oh, I need to take a moment to say it’s totally weird to see Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty hanging out with Mulan.

So, for the East Coast on Twitter (NYC) both #OnceUponaTime and #OUAT are both trending. Yay!

Oh, Phillip! I forgot the prince’s name. Prince Phillip! I love him. Oh no, he was marked! I should have realized that. Julian Morris. Hi, you’re cute.

She… actually will slow Mulan down. Poor Princess Aurora. Those heels weren’t made for walking very far. And for all we know… Mulan and Prince Phillip were getting it on.

The dementor is there! Regina needs the Ghost Busters. Or.. Check out Snow White being all crafty! She’s learned a few tricks out of the palace walls.

“Torches for when it comes back. I know it’s old-fashioned, but so am I.” – James/David/Charming. Old-fashioned is what we expect from fairytales. Psh.

Hey, Regina? Stop lying! I’m sure their world still exists.

Commercial for Last Resort! Trivia: Jessy Schram is on that show, and also plays Cinderella on Once Upon a Time. ABC kept it in the family.

Mulan always touches the ground to feel the wraith.

Mulan is kinda jealous of Princess Aurora. Let me rephrase… very jealous. “With all due respect, your highness, Phillip’s best chance is me.” – Mulan

“Deny it all you want, I know love when I see it.” – Aurora

The dementor is growling! Like an angry puppy. Do you have a plan B, guys?!

Okay, I love how this has synched up! Will EITHER of our groups defeat this wraith? Eeee! WHO IS HE SAYING HE LOVES? OH, THAT’s COLD! Kind of a jerk. Stop loving both women at once! Ugh, and he died? I DO NOT LIKE THIS. Conjure your patronus already!

“Magic is different here.” – Regina

OH HEY, EMMA GOT SUCKED IN. So now Snow … but Charming did not make it! Ooooh. Nice twist of the hat. Hehe. It’s a pun, get it?!

Commercial for Pitch Perfect. Why does everyone say this is such an original movie? It’s Glee: the movie! Hello.

Oh, dear sweet Phillip. Mulan was too hard on Aurora. “You’re not the only one who knows about sacrifice.” Damn right.

I love Julian Morris as Wren on Pretty Little Liars, but … can’t he be on this, too?

David/James is about to eat Regina’s face off.

Why does Regina’s magic work now?!

“You’re nothing but the son of a Shepard.” – Regina

Oh Henry, Mommy was just .. killing your Grandfather!

Henry is a human lie detector! Then again, aren’t most kids?

once upon a time fashion

This show likes to do child swapping.

The spindle!

Belle has such a good heart. And … yes, he has the chipped cup! “There are many, many things in this shop. But this, this is the only thing I truly cherish.” – Rumpelstiltskin “Despite what you hope, I’m still a monster.” “Don’t you see? That’s exactly the reason I have to stay.” – Belle

Our poor, tired and weary men of battle!

I really like the difference I see in Josh Dallas’ performance now that he knows who he is.

“There’s more… you need to know everything.” – Mulan

“This corner of the land was untouched…” 28 years! So this was a dual tale.

“That, that is what brought the wraith here. That is what killed our prince.” But it’s Snow White and Emma – your saviors!

Captain Hook, Lancelot… Ogres.. we need to be ready for a great second season of OUAT!
once upon a time season 2 episode 1

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC.

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