Once Upon a Time’s episode, “The Jolly Roger,” managed to not be the worst episode of season 3, so we shall celebrate.

ariel and hook, ouat ariel, joanna garcia swisher, joanna garcia ariel

This steamy scene with Ariel and Hook almost makes you forget about Emma being in the picture. ABC/Jack Rowand

#3 Snow White and Prince Charming? Not so terrible

Listen, they aren’t self-aware of how awful they are. And I find it funny. I like how Emma tries to side-step how awful they are to Henry, within him feeling obligated to like them.

#2 Emma and Hook are the writer’s new favorite thing

Once Upon a Time has struggled to give Emma a proper love interest that fans have liked. There was the Sheriff, and as soon as we got on board with him, they killed him off. Oh, our hearts! (OUR HEARTS WERE MURDERED.) Then, there’s Neal. But Neal is so …you know…Neal. PASS.

And, finally, there’s Hook. The bad boy. The rebel. The villain. But he’s handsome and passionate and there’s that accent… Now that Hook can’t kiss Emma without taking all of her magic (nice twist, that) things seem even more fun. TEMPTATION. That makes everything better, doesn’t it?

#1 Ariel is pleasantly goofy

Joanna Garcia kind of floats around to …a lot of TV shows. All of the time. And that’s fine, because we need good TV actresses who do that. Especially one’s who are talented and pretty. So, Garcia fits the bill. OH, but that’s not her name now. She’s Joanna Garcia Swisher because she married some sports guy. Anyway, I like that as Ariel, Garcia gives us some actual humor on the show. (Not always, she’s dramatic about prince Eric, duh.)