Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 2 live recap below! Don’t miss it! Tangents on Pinterest, Voldermort, the usual.

Snow White’s outfit here is (of course – because what else could you expect) so pretty! And arrows! Arrows are having a real heyday in 2012.

“Lancelot! Of the Round Table?” – Snow White
“Not anymore.” – Lancelot

I absolutely don’t trust Cora. But I’m very interested in what got her there.

Jennifer Morrison’s hair looks particularly great.

Oh, that’s right. Snow White knows Cora already, and she knows how evil she is. Which is damn, damn evil.

“Right now we are at the bottom of a hole with no other options.” – Emma Swan

I could never climb up that rope. I don’t even know if I could hold onto it as someone pulled it up. If I was stuck down a hole, I’d be really screwed.

Henry likes operation codenames. Operation Scorpion? Because Regina is a Scorpion?

“Magic always comes with a price. I read the book, you know.” – Henry, who is predictable and ran away from school.

Lancelot and Snow are clearly like BFFs. He’s played by Sinqua Walls, and I love him already.

josh dallas

once upon a time

“Lancelot, really?” – Emma

“It’s easy to confuse vengeance for justice. Do you understand me?” – Mulan to a vengeful Sleeping Beauty

Girl’s got a dagger, yo!

“Like turducken?” – Emma Swan

Ugh, the King gave up on his love because she couldn’t bear a child? And now he’s cursed Snow? He’s so vile.

“Have you ever seen an ogre?” – Mulan
“Pretty sure I’ve dated a few.” – Emma

josh dallas

They’re hyping up these scary ogres as bigger than dragons. I’m not sure I can believe that. Dragons breathe fire. Ogres… stomp. They could join the Stomp dance troupe, but they can’t breathe fire! Like it was in Rock Paper Scissors (or Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock) I feel like fire beats stomping.

Jefferson’s (Sebastian Stan) little drawing “Have you seen my Papa?” breaks my heart! He needs to go collect his daughter! Get over the guilt!

Is Regina so gullible for Henry she can’t sense a trap? A – HA. The call was coming from inside the house!

Snow’s white coat is so friggin’ cool! I honestly think this might be the best costume Snow White has ever had.

Oh no, a painful death scene AND I WILL NOT CRY. The Mom finally gets to meet Snow. This is the definition of bittersweet.

Sorry, Aurora – Snow White cannot be taken easily.

Well, they shouldn’t have let her take her gun without a warning about how the noise from it would bring fort the Ogres they were trying to avoid.

A gun isn’t worth much in Fairytale land. But I really underestimated these Ogres. I underestimated how ugly they’d be, too. There’s a face that even a Mother doesn’t have to love, since they’re all blind… get it?

The Ogres look like Voldermort’s face.

Is there a swan on that necklace?

“What kind of corset is this?” – Aurora

God, the lake dried up? Oh, a shellfish! How sweet.

The last thing a Mother wants her child to discover is her secret, underground vault of still-beating hearts of her murder victims.

“Maybe we should have gone with operation viper.” – Prince Charming, clearly not worried enough about those poisonous snakes.

Auroa is thinking: “God, my castle wasn’t nearly as big as this one!” She’s a jealous type, you know?

Snow and Charming are having the most perfect outdoor wedding. Zero budget! It might be ironic that I’m on Pinterest and looking at Wedding stuff. I could imagine the village/kingdom celebrating in an outdoor fashion like this.

Lancelot cannot be trusted! …Yea, it’s Cora! Cora sucks.

I was paying pretty close attention, but I am not sure what happened… how did they manage to cure Snow White? Ooooh. Wedding Chalice. Lancelot is a good guy.

“A girl.” – Snow White

Why is ABC telling people to use the hashtag #OnceUponaTime when everyone always uses #OUAT? Silly.

Oh, Jefferson! EMOTIONAL PAYOFF IS HAPPENING. But does this mean Sebastian Stan’s story on the show will be diminished, and that’s why they tied it up? I’m worried.

Next week: CAPTAIN HOOK. And he’s sexy. Oh, and I see Jefferson in that clip. So, psh!

What would you grade this episode?

Photo Credit: ABC

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