Well, Robin Hood won’t be hooking up with Belle, that’s for sure! (Dammit!)

belle and rumpelstiltskin

ONCE UPON A TIME – “Lacey” – ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand)

Here is my Once Upon a Time review of “Lacey.”

This is a live blog if the episode!

If you could pick any one object from Rumpel’s shop, what would it be? Henry had quite a task. And he picked a wand, reminding me immediately of Harry Potter and Mr. Ollivander. Of course, it was only a dream. But what a dream it was, of Rumpel turning Henry into …stone or something, and then smashing him.

Opening Credits: I spy a hood and some arrows, Robin Hood, ahoy!

Regina finding out that Rumpel’s son is Henry’s Dad was a fun moment.

I’m so down for Belle-centric episodes. Emilie de Ravin is so fun to watch. She’s like a doll with those big eyes and fun accent.

Mr. Gold, you can’t put pressure on Belle right now. She can’t even remember herself, let alone you! She took the request well, but I think it was asking too much.

Then we flashback to seeing Belle in her classic gold dress! I love the way it fell behind her as she picked up the front and ran.

Robin Hood is here, folks!

A magic bow that always finds its target. Pretty cool.

Regina with “The Rabbit” matchbook and prodding was almost like kind of luring Belle down the rabbit hole, in a way. Or at least I think so!

A mysterious, “stable”, package. Hmmm.

Magic bean crops!

It’s always good to leave a clue to the place that clued you into going there. Yup. And we’re off to… The Rabbit Hole!

I suppose our heart is supposed to break a bit at Belle seeming so different, taking shots and hustling at pool. But I hate the idea of Rumpel wanting to stop her fun and control her to be what he wants her to be.
Why would Rumpel throw a bloody apron at such a beautiful dress? And why have her work in such a dress? It’d be cumbersome! But let’s not forget how horrible the imagery of all that blood and the idea of “skinning a body” is. Robin Hood didn’t look like he was in SUCH bad shape, but still.

If Belle aka Lacey was in Storybrooke before only as her cursed self… she was in an institution, and crazy. So how did she ever have time to hang out in bars without Rumpel finding her all that time?

Oh Charming, come on. Rumpel has a good intention here, why not help him out!

Oh, Robin Hood. Letting us down!

Lacey is very confident. I guess her memory was really jogged, though, because she even knows what music she likes now.

Wait, do we know what Emma is hiding? That she never told Neal she was pregnant? Because he already knows how that went down, even if Regina doesn’t.

I wouldn’t want a man ordering for me, either. Geez!

I really like Emilie de Ravin’s hair here. The trick is to clip up the front part with a twist, then twist up the main part. And, of course, have some tendrils of short layers be pulled out, too.

Oh man, he took his lips! Funny.

Why do so many people pronounce “hood” so funny?

Well, at least Robin Hood was a thief just to save Maid Marian’s life! See, it was a noble cause. Belle was right about him.

It was pretty sweet how Rumpel let himself be convinced by Belle that he still had good in him. He deserved that sweet hug. Man, they are sweet together. Although I can’t say I wouldn’t have minded some Belle/Robin Hood stuff.

Okay, okay, no need to rub it in! I get it, show. The secret Regina didn’t know was about the BEANS.

Ooooh, he’s showing her the library. That’s an epic scene from the movie.

How it is possible that Belle’s cursed self is so different than her real self? That makes no sense. The cursed characters all had hints of their real selves. Lacey being so dark is … just bizarre. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, I demand answers!

Okay, what is the package? Oh, Hook. Again. Kind of a boring package!

What did you guys think?