First she’s labeled as the town whore, now Mary Margaret is a murderer?!

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Once Upon a Time review “Heart of Darkness”

The Curse of Mary-Margaret

Times are tough for Mary Margaret Blanchard, even though she gets her jail time lunch delivered to her by her best friend. The point is, she’s in jail for a crime she didn’t commit (right? when I have a second of lingering doubt I remember that the heart thing is Regina’s M.O.) and no one likes jail! At least, I assume no one likes jail. Especially if they’re innocent of their crime. And that means that if everyone thinks you’re guilty, including your former lover… well, jail sucks a whole lot.

So it makes sense that Mary Margaret took the mysterious key and got out of dodge. Of course, she couldn’t get out of Storybrooke…

The Clatter of the Truth

Someone left a key for Mary Margaret, but who? Was it Regina, trying to set her up yet again? Was it Mr. Gold, trying to help his client? (He’s sooo invested in her future, whatever THAT means.) Was it Emma, who was then playing dumb? Was it Henry, who knew one of the keys would work? Or was it someone else entirely, like August?

Where do you suppose she’s run off to, anyway? Where would you go if you only knew the one town you’ve been in “all of your life”?

I’m Here for Emma

So, August is in Storybrooke to make Emma believe in the fairytale truth. Which is romantic! Maybe. I’m suspicious. What was he doing changing the book around? Did he do it to help, or hurt?

There are so many other things that happened in this episode, so be sure to leave a comment with something else you want to discuss! Like maybe how cool Rumpelstiltskin’s’ bottled love looks? (Or all of his bottles?)

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