Is that John Mayer “Daughters” song stuck in your head now? Perhaps it’s making you mad? Me too.

Anyway. Don’t you think this episode of Once Upon a Time is worth a re-watch?

once upon a time sebastian stan

Sebastian Stan and Jennifer Morrison. Photo: ABC

On the Lamb

When Mary Margaret was running, where do you suppose she was going? She doesn’t know anywhere outside of Storybrooke. But don’t you think Jefferson was trying to help her by keeping her tied up? He knew if she left something bad would happen to her. (We still don’t know exactly what. Did the Queen take matters into her own hands with Kathryn or does that just happen naturally if anyone leaves?) Jefferson never purposefully showed Mary Margaret to Emma, so he wasn’t using her for leverage.

It must be awfully scary to have been Mary Margaret, running with no where to run to.

Do you suppose she thought Emma had set her free and was coming to meet her?

Family Matters

What happened to Jefferson’s wife? Do you think she could be another famous fairytale character? They mentioned her a bit.

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As for Grace, well, she was adorable. And the handmade rabbit that Jefferson made for her was heart breaking in how earnestly sweet it was. (And it was even cuter than the other one!) I really believed Grace when she said, “All I need is you, Papa.”

You’d think Ragina would realize how much the father/daughter connection matters and at least offer to take care of Grace once her Dad was stuck in Wonderland. Alas.

Rebel Swan

I don’t always like Emma Swan, but this time I was impressed. How incredibly freakin’ smart was it when she smashed that teacup? I like to think I’d be that smart if I were in a situation like that. (The Mad Hatter is always kidnapping people, duh.) But honestly… I would probably be paralyzed with fear.

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This entire episode showed how brave Emma is. I might not have realized it until now. She’s a badass.

Once Upon a Time really did Wonderland proud.

Once Upon a Time Review Notes and Once Upon a Time Theories

  • How did Henry just so happen to be reading Alice in Wonderland at the start of this episode? Was that just a coincidence? Is it possible that Henry is partly magic like Emma is? Maybe he has influence he doesn’t even realize yet.
  • When Emma (Jennifer Morrison) was drugged she resembled Kirsten Dunst. Re-watch and tell me that isn’t true. If you disagree, at least you got to re-watch this great episode. (But I think you will agree. Which means all Morrision has to do in order to impersonate Dunst at a Vanity Fair party is to act drunk/drugged. Store that info away for later, Jennifer!)
  • Jefferson’s name was for the band Jefferson Airplane who has a song called “White Rabbit.” Clever. (See: Once Upon a Time names Jefferson.)
  • We know there are other characters from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, will we ever meet Alice?
  • There was more black and white forest (tree) wallpaper in this episode. This time it was in Jefferson’s big house.
  • Grace could end up being another fairytale character, in theory, (she has time to grow up – and maybe change her name to Alice) but it seems unlikely.
  • I really liked the Queen of Heart’s court and her maze defense. Do you suppose she has a head?
  • The shot of Mary Margaret looking down into the hat aka down the rabbit hole was very cool.