Once Upon a Time “An Apple Red as Blood” Season 1 Episode 21 airs Sunday May 6th on ABC.

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Once Upon a Time “An Apple Red as Blood” Synopsis: Henry pleads with Emma to stay in Storybrooke and continue her quest as the savior of the fairytale dwellers, and Regina Mills is up to her old apple tricks again, setting her sights on one target in particular.

Alas, things don’t go according to plan and Henry may just end up being collateral damage. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Snow White enlists the aid of her fellow fairytale cohorts to attack the Evil Queen and save Prince Charming’s life. Written by Jane Espenson & David H. Goodman. Directed by Milan Cheylov
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Once Upon a Time Review Questions: Who does Regina want to kill via apple now? Will Emma succeed in leaving Storybrooke, with or without Henry?

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josh dallas

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