Will you ever get over hating Regina after this episode?

once upon a time desperate souls

Once Upon a Time Review “Desperate Souls”

Walkie Talkie’s. We hear there’s an app for them. Would – or do – kids today really know what these are? Now that there’s cell phones that are readily available with a measure of privacy is there any point to them unless you’re feeling nostalgic?

Rumpelstiltskin’s Past. We learned that he had a kid. Who may or may not be his. And he had a wife. Who may or may not be dead. And before he was infected by dark magic (what is this, The Secret Circle?!) he was a good guy who gave money to the poor and tried to save his son. He was also known as a coward for running away of the Ogre war. When he killed The Dark One, his skin turned gold and he became evil and murderous. He was hardly recognizable to his son.

Mr. Gold vs Regina Mills. Mr. Gold calls Regina the “common enemy” that he and Emma Swan have. We’ve always thought he supported Regina, so this is a nice twist. This begs the inevitable question – why is he so mad at her? Or does he just want to play with everyone’s emotions? Without Emma in town, it seems like Regina always got her way and never had much of a fuss about anything. With Emma there, she’s had quite a bit of trouble.

The Trouble with Regina. We hate her, and even though Emma had to save her (how did Mr. Gold predict that twisted ankle, though?) we kind of wish she didn’t have to. Why did Regina insist upon being saved when all she does is evil. When you’re evil, you shouldn’t expect the kindness of strangers! What cemented our hate of Regina is how she acted so innocent about being sad in Graham’s death, even though we all know she’s the one who caused it. She’ll never be redeemed now that she’s killed one of the most beloved characters on Once Upon a Time.

The Importance of a Word. Maybe the show just wanted to show the parallels but Rumpelstiltskin and Mr. Gold both used the word “benefactor.” Of course, it seems that a benefactor isn’t necessarily a good thing…

Jail Bird. So, Henry was born in jail. That’s a bit of news about Emma’s past. But Regina leaked this info. And really, it mostly harms Henry. Regina has no conscience or soul! We feel aghast! She’ll do anything to try and turn the town of Storybrooke and Henry against Emma. But some things are so clearly too far.

Zorso. Who’s got the goods on what this name means in fairytales? We do like the idea of an importance of a true name being revealed, as that’s from the original Rumpelstiltskin stories we remember.