Once Upon a Time review highlights from “An Apple Red as Blood.”

“Release the blade.”
And then the guillotine blade  was water! That was some amazing magic.

Killing Ms. Swan means what?
The curse would be broken! That’s an interesting tidbit. We don’t want Emma killed and plenty don’t want athe curse ended. But certainly there must be someone out there who would sacrifice Emma to end the curse (if they believed in it.)

It was actually great to see Mary Margaret all passionate and determined and downright mad at Emma.

That passion has been showed by Snow White, and now we see it from her alter ego. Huzzah!

All the fairies!
Did we know there were quite so many?

The sweet moment of seeing Snow and Charming in the mirror.

Even though it was heartbreaking that he was in a mirror and not able to be saved.

Henry being so brave that he’d willingly eat a poisoned apple turnover.

Oh, Henry!

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