House Season 8 is already feeling like a sinking ship.

When Olivia Wilde took time off to do movies (which I still haven’t seen…oops) House stuffed an adorable Amber Tamblyn into her place. And I liked this character a lot, despite disliking most everything else about House M.D. last season. And now that the series is marching forward, sans Amber and sans Wilde (who is presumably still on the cast) and sans Cuddy, they’ve added actress Odette Yustman aka Odette Annable. You remember her as the beautiful brunette in Cloverfield, and as the beautiful brunette in the failed Christian Slater TV show Breaking In (which may have been saved, but I, personally, still consider a failure.) I remember her best as the actress who changed her last name and now confuses me to no end. Given how Tamblyn’s character was, it seems likely that Yustnnable’s (heh) character will bee cheeky and outspoken. But can a sexy brunette save the entire series when that’s never what we were tuning in to watch?

House season 8 premieres October 3. Will you be tuning in?

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