This room smells oddly like chlorine (good connotations) so we’re not as easily annoyed by Olivia Palermo today. But even so…

Olivia Palermo is a Reality TV star on The City, “works” at Elle Magazine and is a socialite. In the same move as everyone who has ever been on reality TV, Palermo told Australia’s Famous magazine, “I’d like to think that I’m the complete opposite of what you see on The City.”

Sure, plant the seeds of doubt – but unless you’re going to say you have scripted lines, why shouldn’t we believe what we see is someone’s actual personality?

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Is Palermo like Gossip Girl‘s own Blair Waldorf? Don’t call her that, at least not to her face. “From what I heard, Blair’s not a very nice character.” Palermo added, “I’m nothing like that, so I beg to differ.” Beg all you want.

This is another case of a person who has great style, but as soon as she starts talking we’re dealing with a real life Regina George from Mean Girls. Blair Waldorf is a saint compared to her. Even if Blair’s pushing people into fountains in the new Gossip Girl season.