If you DVR’d the episode, or just didn’t have time to watch Twitter when the show first aired, here’s your chance to go directly to the official Big Brother tweets for the episode that aired on July 9th, 2014.

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Big Brother 16, Photo: CBS

Official Big Brother Tweets

NOTE: Tweets from the official Big Brother account, unless otherwise mentioned (such as RT’s from the official account.)

As the episode began, we hadn’t yet learned who would be on Team America

“Something big is about to happen” – #BBZach And it all starts in 15 minutes on tonight’s #BB16: http://bit.ly/1oDtZYZ

RT if you are tuning in to an ALL NEW episode of #BB16 NOW to see who wins #POV!

Who did YOU choose as the final 2 members of #TeamAmerica!? Stay tuned to find out! #BB16

#BBDevin might think he’s the #BBPuppetMaster, see if u agree when u check out his #HOH Suite Spot blog & photos! http://bit.ly/1mhibgS

Will the houseguests find out that #BBPaola threw the #BattleOfTheBlock competition? What will happen if they do? #BB16

The dynamic between Devin, Caleb and Amber, began to get messy

Do you think #BBCaleb would choose #BBAmber over the #BombSquad? #BB16

Who is the bigger threat? #BBBrittany or #BBPaola? #BB16

Retweeted by Big Brother on CBS! @SheGorgeous_BTW ยท The #bombsquad is about to BLOW

With Devin in charge, a veto compeition was sure to be interesting

Who are you rooting for to win the #Veto competition? Will #BBBrittany or #BBPaola win #POV & take themselves off the block? #BB16

Loved the space #Veto comp? Keep @CBS on after #BB16 and check out the @Extant_CBS series premiere at 9 pm!

Do you think #BBDevin and #BBBrittany could work together if she stays in the game? #BB16

The #Veto meeting is about to start. What do you think will happen? #BB16

Tune in tmrw @ 9pm 2 see what happens when all hell breaks loose after the #Veto meeting & find out who will b the 2nd HG evicted from #BB16

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