For those not making acidic remarks about how this band was just The Lumineers or Mumford and Sons in disguise, the rest of you were making fat jokes. It wasn’t cool.


Of Monsters and Men were the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on May 4, 2013. I was covering this show on SideCastr, which allowed me to quickly see what people talking about SNL #SNL, Saturday Night Live and so forth were saying every minute so I could select the very best tweets to show viewers who have downloaded and use the SideCastr app.

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Here are the general “deep”thoughts via Twitter during the East coast live airing, when it came to Of Monsters and Men:

  • Every white folk/indie band now has to shout “hey!”
  • This band is actually just The Lumineers and Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons.
  • The lead female singer, Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir, looks a lot like Bjork. They thought she was pretty. And some wanted to know what lotion she used on her face.
  • Even some established fans hadn’t realized there was an “Of” in the band name.
  • The lead female singer hasn’t pronounced any full word.
  • The people who were interested in seeing Of Monsters and Men weren’t interested in any of the rest of the show, and thought that was the crap part. There is a step divide between the audience of the show and the fans of the musical acts, SNL should address this and try to have them align better. Fans of the musical act aren’t being won over by the show, and fans of the show are annoyed by the “fringe” acts.
  • Many people said we should be nice to them as they are the first big thing to come out of Iceland since Bjork.
  • Many other’s pointed out that they were performing a song that was a big hit a year ago, and they had no big hits otherwise.
  • No one knew what the lyrics to any songs were, unless they were previous fans.
  • Previous fans of the band enjoyed this, but there were not many new converts.
  • Many people were very opinionated about how the lead male (Ragnar þórhallsson) had such a beautiful voice and they hadn’t expected him to be fat. There were many insults hurled his way. This was disappointing of humanity, guys. Some people were saying it wasn’t fair to have such a pretty female lead when the male lead wasn’t up to snuff. Remarks about getting on a treadmill were rampant. It felt like that whole “Wow, Adele is a good singer for a fat person” thing all over again.

Why don’t you check it out for yourself. The videos are below.



Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks (Covered by Caroline Glaser on The Voice)

Of Monsters and Men: Mountain Sound