There are at least four new Nurse Jackie posters for season 3 of the fantastic Showtime series. Here, we’ll show you each one and tell you what we think.

Caption: Queen of Pop.

Well, she certainly does pop those pills, so it’s a pretty witty little tagline! I just wish they hadn’t photoshopped this image on the next poster, a different pose would have been fun, you know?

nurse jackie poster season 3

Caption: Screw Off

Once again with the witty, this is a play on words and also displays Jackie’s energy towards others.

Caption: Screw Off

It’s the same caption as the other poster, but here we have very cool bottle caps over her eyes. I’m not entirely sure why there is that pink blood (paint?) but I do think her head being light and in the clouds makes sense.

Caption: High and Mighty

The image here is probably my favorite, and it works with the caption very well. Jackie is often high (as well as on a high horse), and she’s also a powerful and mighty force. It’s perfect.

You can read all our Nurse Jackie coverage here. Nurse Jackie Season 3 premieres on Monday March 28 at 10 pm on Showtime.

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