nurse jackie season 2

Have you been keeping up with Nurse Jackie season 2? I received screeners from Showtime for all of the second season, and watched them all in a truly addictive two-day marathon. This show is just…it’s damn good. Season 2 is just as good as season 1, if not better.I’m in my 20’s and I love the show, while my Mother is in her 50’s and SHE loves the show, too. So between us I can say this is a show that can appeal to a lot of ages.

Why do I love this show? It’s a smart show, and it never panders to viewers by dumbing things down at all. You put the puzzle pieces together on your own, and the show never suffers from exposition. Nurse Jackie is never boring, and there’s no fluff. The entire runtime of the show is entertaining, and I wish it was longer.

I really like the world of Nurse Jackie. This is a no BS world. While watching my exact, scribbled note was simply, “I like this world!” See? People are sarcastic and weird and don’t explain themselves, kindred spirits are made over pictures of dead animals (natural causes), and no one can keep secrets.And I like seeing all of the weird ways that Jackie sneaks things around. (Look later on this season to see how dental floss becomes vital!) You also learn things during the show – like how you actually DO need a spleen. I hope they never decide we actually need our appendix’s since mine has gone bye-bye.

I also find it very interesting how the hospital scenes are shot so brightly (even bright for a hospital) and anytime characters are outside of the hospital (whether it’s daytime or not) the light is never that bright.And inside of the hospital is where some people are their sneakiest. So I like the irony of that.

This season, Thor steps up and becomes a funny character, Jackie continues to surprise, Zoey gets crazier and more frickin’ adorable than ever, O’Hara gets drunker and more complex, and Eddie gets pettier. You’ll love watching it all the way through.

Nurse Jackie airs on Showtime, Mondays @ 10 pm.

Choice Nurse Jackie season 2 quotes:

“Fiona sent me a picture of a dead animal head knowing I would enjoy it. We’re kindred.”

“You know the teletubbies?”
“I’m cultured.”

“Sorry I curse so much.”
“Yea well, fuck that.”

[Tweeting] “If I said “cys fib,” would people know that’s Cystic Fibrosis?”
“If I said FU, would you know that’s “eat s**t?””

“I know this guy. He told me I was super handsome, like Clark Gable.”
“I retract!”

“How can you read this crap?”
“Please, don’t amplify my shame.”

“I’m not in recovery. But I should be, for wedding cake addiction.”

“I shagged a nurse. In the chapel.”

“These gloves are so tight, I feel like OJ.”
“That’s the third time you said that today.”
“Like your material is so fresh.”

“I’m not a prude! I was at Woodstock for Christ’s sake.”
“No you weren’t.”

“She’d rather watch a fire safety video than High School Musical.”

“Page urology.”
“That’s my call. I get to say that: page urology.”