The season two finale of Nurse Jackie airs next Monday, June 7th. Read on to see if I spill any spoilers.

Nurse Jackie is having problems. Photo: Showtime

Nurse Jackie is having problems. Photo: Showtime

So, yes – I’ve seen the Nurse Jackie finale for season two! And did I love it? Well, how could you not? Nurse Jackie is a terrific series, and I just wish there were more episodes per season. C’mon Showtime, we love Jackie! Even when we aren’t loving her. It’s a weird, love/hate relationship. Complicated. But true! And, uh…pure of heart?Good-intentioned? Have I forgot what I’m talking about? (Answer: yes.)

It’s stressful to watch the delicate-and-complicated relationships that Jackie has spun between her family and now also her friendships. Well, let’s not kid ourselves – she mostly has just one friend, Dr. O’Hara. And she’s been a great friend to Jackie. But when will Jackie push too far? The season finale will leave you wanting season 3 to start the next day. But we know that being greedy is wrong, right? Pft. (Just buy season 1 on DVD, then you don’t have to wait.)

After a year of dealing with a scorned lover and an insatiable thirst for her next “high,” Jackie Peyton’s (Edie Falco) downward spiral takes an interesting turn in this week’s shocking season two finale. Both Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) and Dr. O’Hara (Eve Best) have become more and more suspicious of Jackie’s erratic behavior. With the walls closing in, will our “girl” be able to talk herself out of yet another close call or will her family’s discovery turn into the ultimate buzzkill?

The Nurse Jackie season two finale airs on Monday, June 7th at 10 pm ET/PT.

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