Nurse Jackie Zoey quotes are my favorite. Which character says your favorite lines? Here’s a collection from NJ season 3.

Sam: You and Jackie, like, tap danced for me?

Thor: Oh my God, you did not just mime a sexy gun and holster.

Zoey: Sam, I have a sensitivity question about male piercings.

Zoey: Jackie’s not married.

Zoey: Would you be so kind as to… perhaps… show me some idea. Perhaps?

Eddie: Jackie is married you stupid fucking goat.

Zoey: Cluster fudge, I am out.

Fiona: Is this Coke or Pepsi?
Jackie: It’s whatever you want it to be, honey.

Zoey: I have a complaint.
Akalitus: I have many.

Jackie: Same shit, different doctor.

Cooper: Can we please bury the hatchet?
Sam: Yea, let’s bury it in your head.

Zoey: If you want company I’m totes avail. Totally available.

Tunie (Tooney?): I told him, Kevin, intervention’s are just fucking rude.

Zoey: It’d be too much pressure to date God.

Jackie: Suffocation? It’s not really much of a turn on.

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