Norah Jones is Chasing Pirates.

Norah Jones is Chasing Pirates.

I am really digging the new Norah Jones song Chasing Pirates. Already on the Rolling Stone’s “Hot List”, Entertainment Weekly calls Chasing Pirates a chasing-pirates“bluesy surprise and a welcome change of pace”. I don’t really know how to review or talk about the tone of music all that well other than to tell you guys “I SRSLY LYK IT!” 😉  I do sort of wish her voice would go even deeper and richer – kind of like Patty Griffin (listen to “Heavenly Day” and “Useless Desires“). The new Norah Jones album “The Fall” will be EMI/Blue Note Records on November 17.

“For this record, I just had a sound in my head,” Jones says. “I wanted the grooves to be more present and heavy. And I also just wanted to do something different.” That new sound began to present itself on one of the norah-jones-the-fall1first songs Jones wrote for the project. “About a year ago, I did some demos in my home studio,” she says. “I had some friends come in and we figured out a cool arrangement for ‘Chasing Pirates,’ with a cool drum part. It went somewhere I didn’t expect it to go, and that became a direction to look in.”

You can listen to the song below but you can also watch the video on Vh1.

Norah Jones Upcoming TV appearances:

November 11 – CBS Late Show With David Letterman

November 16 – ABC Good Morning America

November 18 – Comedy Central The Colbert Report

November 23 – ABC The View