On History’s latest show, ‘No Man’s Land’, there are five main cast members who are living simple, rustic lives that many of us couldn’t imagine. (For instance… how could I survive without free wifi everywhere I go? The answer is, I couldn’t. And manly as I feel, I don’t want to deal with an irate rattlesnake.)

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David Holladay. Photo: Warm Springs Productions

No Man’s Land Cast

 No Man’s Land – Jason Hawk

Continuing traditions passed down through generations, Jason carves out a living from the sparse resources of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, forging knives, tools and simple machines, and finding food wherever he can. Protecting his family is his number one priority.

No Man’s Land – David Holladay

He is a hardened desert veteran who braves Utah’s parched Red Rock Canyon Country to fulfill demand for rare and valuable desert stones.  He depends on an annual summer rock harvest to support his large family, including 21-year-old son Leo who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.

No Man’s Land – Charlie Acuna

He is a descended from the White Mountain Apaches and has honed his primitive skills for decades. He has always dreamed of challenging himself to live off the land, and he’s finally putting himself to the test in New Mexico’s northern desert.

No Man’s Land – Howdy

In the searing, cactus-choked canyons of Texas’ Chihuahuan desert, feral longhorn cattle live free and breed. It’s Howdy’s job to round up the most ornery steers, born mean in the loneliest reaches of the Lone Star State. But as the world around him changes, this veteran can only battle the desert for so long, and it could be just a matter of time until Howdy has to hang up his spurs.

No Man’s Land – Rick Gibson

California’s Death Valley is one of the hottest places on Earth, known to reach temperatures of over 130 degrees in summer. Rick Gibson is a former Navy man who left his city life behind in order to live by his own rules. Rick makes a living here in the hellish but beautiful Mojave landscape, scavenging deep underground into the area’s abandoned mines, looking for valuable relics of the Valley’s bygone era, surviving on his wits and skill where few would dare to tread.