The summer, ABC Family is premiering the new original series The Nine Lives of Chloe King. The show stars Skylar Samuels as Chloe King, a girl who wakes up to find she has supernatural powers. (Which I often wish would happen to me.) Chloe is part of an ancient race called the Mai, and as if dealing with being a teenager wasn’t enough, someone is trying to kill her. (Such a bummer when that happens!) Luckily, she’s not going to just sit back and let it happen to her. She’s going to fight back, and unite with some new friends.

skyler samuels

THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING - Skyler Samuels stars as Chloe King on ABC Family's "The Nine Lives of Chloe King." (ABC FAMILY/ANDREW ECCLES)

To that end, I’m also on a journey to find someone called The Uniter. And you can help and play along.

On June 14th, 1995, a prophecy was discovered on a stone tablet in a remote cave near the Red Sea. Etched into this stone were Nine Paths — instructions that lead the way to an amazing someone, known to many as The Uniter. Written in our ancient tongue, this Nine Paths Prophecy clearly states that we, the Mai, must first contact a select group of Humans — the Circle of Strangers.

It is written, “The Circle of Strangers must travel all Nine Paths in order to find The Uniter and help deliver a message of life or death.”

I’m one of the people who is helping to unlock the Nine Paths, and you can be too. VISIT THIS LINK TO  START PLAYING.

Every few days clues will be posted that will keep you traveling down the Nine Paths — these paths will start at but take you across the internet and give you exclusive videos, photos, and more.

The first person to correctly execute the Nine Paths will win the GRAND PRIZE (subject to verification): a set visit to The Nine Lives of Chloe King !

If you follow along with my journey (I’ll discuss it on Small Screen Scoop, here, as well as on my Twitter feed @ThisJessicaRae –  if you follow me and I’ll always gladly follow you back) you’ll get passwords from me to unlock free gifts from ABC Family!When you see me using the hash tag #NinePaths that’s what to look for – as that’s when I’m posting about the game!

The game began on May 24th and goes on through June 14, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM PDT. (The Nine Lives of Chloe King premiere date is Tuesday June 14, at 9/8c , after the Pretty Little Liars premiere at 8/7c!)

Chosen to play the game up-close, I was sent a box by ABC Family. Inside this ancient-looking box are clues to help us find The Uniter. At first I wasn’t sure what the game would entail (I still feel like it’s all pretty mysterious) but it’s been well-planned out, and it feels like a real mystery I’m uncovering. (So make sure to play, too. Get your Nancy Drew – Harriet the Spy – Sydney Bristow – Veronica Mars on! Whoever your spy of choice is!)

The Box has strange etchings on it, nothing I can decipher. They look a bit like hieroglyphics.

Inside the Nine Paths box:

  1. A birth certificate
  2. A pink baby bib
  3. A card to a Father from a “Brian”
  4. 1 silver toned circle charm with the numbers 6.14.2011
  5. An adoption letter and envelope
  6. A “Start Here” note
  7. A MaiPad

The First Path 1/9

As instructed to in my “Start Here” note, I turned on the MaiPad (very intuitive to use, luckily) and went to the “Notes.” This gave me a series of instructions to fold the birth certificate. When I was finished, I could make out this secret message: “Smila Ukraine. Find this on Mai Map now.”

There was an icon for a Mai Map, so I loaded that up. I was tasked to not just find Smila, Ukraine on the map but to discover the meaning of “Smila” – it means “brave girl” in Ukrainian, which is pretty cool.

Now that I’ve completed the first path I was given The United Scroll and the ability to pass on a password to my loyal readers – “CIRCLE.” Get your very own circle charm (first come, first serve) at THIS LINK. There will be two more free gifts you can get, so make sure to follow me and get your passwords.

The scroll tells the story about The Uniter.