nina dobrev jimmy fallonNina Dobrev was adorabletastic on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight. You know her as the smart-but-unlucky Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. She wore her long hair curled in gentle waves, and a shiny blue v-neck dress. Her silver necklace was a heart key. Which I happen to know is very on-trend, and hers was probably by Tiffany.

Right off the bat Dobrev told Jimmy, “You are popping my late night show cherry. You’re my first.” Fallon was stunned! Joel McHale (who is amazing, and was interviewed right before her) announced, “I’m a slut”.

Jimmy then brought up Twitter. Twitter is a huge deal, you know. Nina knows this. “You have to think about what you’re saying, because a lot of people are getting the message.” Weirdly, Nina can’t seem to get her Twitter account verified. Ian Somerhalder’s twitter got verified, but not hers. C’mon Twitter!

nina dobrev twitter

Dobrev is going to Australia soon, and Fallon told her about the deadly spiders and snakes in pools (creepy!). Mchale decided he had to mention Nicole Kidman – who I guess could be lurking anywhere. “There’s hot surfer guys everywhere,” Dobrev said of Australia to defend it.

I never posted the following two pictures before, but I have to because you guys know that I secretly ship Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder and totally want them to date. I’m not at all saying that they are dating, or that they must – I just think they’re cute together.

nina dobrev dating ian somerhaldernina dobrev ian somerhalder