vampire diaries poster

I am wearing my rose quartz necklace by Frasapeas which is said to promote feelings of love, so maybe that’s why I’m thinking about how so many people want Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder dating. I’ve always been firmly in the vamp (I mean CAMP!) of Damon/Elena, sure. But I never thought about Nina/Ian much until…

Julie Plec tweeted: I congratulate warner bros for springing for the helicopter that got Ian and Nina to the event. They were so thrilled to make it there.

Upon further inspection of other tweets:

Ian Somerhalder: On chopper with Nina Dobrev btw…

Nina Dobrev: I MADE IT! Just got off the helicopter with @iansomerhalder – we’re coming!!! So stoked to see you all, thx for waiting!!! We <3 u!!!!!

And now they seem like a royal couple in my mind. I can’t help it. Can you imagine the pair of them jet-setting around, or whatever, all snug in a helicopter as they await mass amounts of fans who love them? It’s like a rare form of aphrodisiac or something! I don’t think they’re dating now, but I bet they will be within a year.