There’s always a learning moment on ‘The Bachelor.’ Nikki’s hometown date was no exception.

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Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo traveled to Kansas City to meet Nikki Ferrell’s family. First stop, Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. Luckily for Nikki, Juan Pablo developed a quick addiction to BBQ sauce.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how ‘cowboy’ Juan Pablo really is.” – Nikki Ferrell

“I’m hoping that he likes eating gas station barbeque.” – Nikki Ferrell

“Oh man, I’ll get fat eating that BBQ every day.” – Juan Pablo

Because Juan Pablo made Nikki dance in Korea, it’s only fair that he dance on a bull. Well, you know what I mean…the fake bull riding thing that everyone does because roller coasters are too big to put in bars, but we all want to have a thrill.

Anyway, Nikki says, “it’s pretty hot watching Juan Pablo on the bull.” Try to think of that in any way that’s not sexually. (Spoiler: you can’t.)

The BBQ is an aphrodisiac, because Nikki is feeling LOVE.

“I’m in love with Juan Pablo.” – Nikki Ferrell

Because she’s old-fashioned and insecure, she doesn’t think she can tell Juan Pablo about her feelings unless her family likes him. (Cause their opinion would really change hers? What the damn hell.)

At this point, I can’t believe I haven’t yet made ANY puns about how Nikki Ferrell is like a feral cat. Rawr.

Although Nikki’s Mom is very concerned (she played with one of her earrings so much I thought she might pull it off), Nikki convinces her that it’s all okay. Nikki’s Dad is a tougher sell.

When Juan Pablo and Mr. Ferrell meet, things seem to start off with a tough question…and Mr. Ferrell seems to be seduced by the accent pretty fast. (Sell out!)

Tomm Ferrell tells the camera he thought Juan Pablo was very “upfront and honest” so he likes him. Yup, he was upfront and honest about how he’s dating four women at once, this is all for a national TV show, and he’s been kissing tons of girls. (Seriously, what parent would really be okay with this situation unless they were a polygamist?)

Nikki and her DAd put on a PSA about how good their relationship is, and how they are this perfect Father/Daughter team who loves and trusts and blah blah. Not that I’m AGAINST any of that, and it might be totally sincere – but it seemed SO forced in front of the camera. They were more concerned about … I mean, Nikki was even tilted towards the camera instead of towards her Dad, as she spoke to him.

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