Alright, so a while back I watched a rough cut of the Nikita pilot (then I reviewed it for you guys), and then yesterday I watched the finished version. There was actually not a whole hell lot of difference. But, I will say that for the premiere episode you will really want to go back and re-watch the episode once you have the info you learn at the end of it. So, there no was no time wasted on my part. (Which is good, because my extra time is being spent catching up on episodes of Eureka! And, if I’m being honest, super old episodes of MTV’s Rich Girls. Time is not money, time is merely TV shows that I could be watching! *Snap, snap*)

Do I like Nikita? Yes. I’m a little worried that the momentum of excitement might not keep up. And I definitely hope the showrunner’s have ideas for how to extend the series past season 1. (Of course, this is a remake of La Femme Nikita, so they probably have a much better idea of how they’re going to do it than I do.)

Rather than rehash the plot or recap anything step by step, I’m going to draw upon my notes of other things. For instance, something I realized in my re-watch is that this show has two really strong heroine’s to root for. There are some other main character’s, but I like that we get two main heroine’s. You never see that as often as you should. (Although Rizzoli & Isles has that going for them.)

I mentioned this previously on another post, but I like Shane West when he’s playing an endearing type. And in this show, he kind of walks the line. In the moments where he’s serious, he sounds like the cartoon of Batman with his voice all low and funny. I’m sure West can play serious, and that I’ll grow to like it. But it was a swift change. Then again, you have to understand that I became a fan of West’s when he was much younger and lanky – playing Eli Sammler on Once and Again. But both he, and his TV sister, Evan Rachel Wood, have grown up by leaps and bounds. I just don’t think he needs to bound around in a black cape, okay? I think the problem is that when he’s acting serious, he’s also too earnest. I don’t know. But it bugs me. (And here’s an example of Batman’s voice, haha.)

Another note I had, is that this show, in some ways, reminds me of Prison Break. Did you watch that show? It was amazing. This has the same raw, gritty feeling. Even the visuals are like that.

Nikita deals with deception a lot. If you have trust issues, this show isn’t going to help you get over them. You never know who’s deceiving you or exploiting your vulnerabilities.

The actress who plays Alex is Lyndsey Fonseca. I really hope she finds time to make her small cameo’s in How I Met Your Mother. My note about her is that she reminds me of Nikki Reed circa the movie Thirteen. When they give Alex a make-over, I thought it was kind of funny because there was no noticeable change other than her hair being done nicer. They should have made her look more rough beforehand.

The actor who plays tech genius, Birkoff is Aaron Stanford, and I really enjoyed his presence. He was in Live Free or Die, which I guess Maggie Q (Nikita) was also in. I wouldn’t know much about that movie, since I’m not really the go-to action type. (If you’re wondering what sort of person watches The Jane Austen Book Club, I’m guilty. Emily Blunt was in it, man!)

Maggie Q and Shane West make each other look GOOD

IMDB is not helping me out with his name, but the younger guy Alex meets in Division is played by someone who has this pleasant, All-American look, and he reminded me of Glee‘s Cory Monteith. The character is very likable, and therefore probably doomed to die in a horrific way. Such is the way of spy life.

Every episode is going to be a fun adventure, and there are some good, smart dialogue moments.

Black is the New Rainbow: Nikita Pictures

Nikita, as a character, is incredibly ambitious. And aside from wondering how she scored such an awesome loft, I wonder if and when the exhaustion will catch up with her.