Move along, Nielsen ratings. Even CNBC (the stodgy parental figure of networks) has figured out that you just aren’t that relevant anymore.

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CNBC covers stocks, financial earnings, and general business news for their viewers. But they will no longer collect daytime rating numbers through the traditional Nielsen system.

The financial news network will no longer use daytime Nielsen ratings. AdWeek has the full story here, but the gist is that a source has said that using Nielsen ratings for the day is no longer a productive or reasonable means of measuring numbers. Said this source, “They believe that their primary business day viewing is done in offices and therefore not monitored by Nielsen and underrepresented.”

Interestingly, CNBC will still use prime time Nielsen ratings.

As for what this source said, Seth Winter (evp of news and sports ad sales) had this to say, “While we completely agree that CNBC’s core audience remains virtually unmeasured by current traditional metrics, our agreements with our clients are confidential,” Winter wrote. “As we continue to explore the best measurement opportunities, our conversations with clients include new metrics that accurately demonstrate the power of the CNBC audience.”