Nicki started off her time on her date by squeeing about how she told Ben she loves him. She practically galloped through the lush green grass of Switzerland to get to him. He looked adorable, and I just felt sad because I know she’s getting eliminated first.

nicki bachelor 2012

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Ben took her on a helicopter ride, which makes her super happy because it’s her second helicopter ride ever. (Raise your hand if, like me, you’ve been on no helicopter rides!) “And it’s with Ben.” I honestly believe that she’s super in love with him, which makes this sweet. They rode above glaciers and Nikki said she felt like they were the only two people in Switzerland. It looked pretty storybook. And even more so when they landed for a mountain-top picnic. (Where Ben looked like a J-Crew model with the fresh backdrop, model-esque hair and designer scarf.) Seriously, the background of mountains seemed unreal. It’s surprising they could keep their eyes so much on each other and not on the scenery.

Nicki batted her lashes, talked about Ben’s Dad, and couldn’t stop touching Ben’s hand. “For me, just seeing you with my family made it click,” she said.

“It’s a good feeling,” Ben said without quite enough enthusiasm. “Right?” Nikki replied. And then they started hooping and hollering from the top of the mountain (but not with enough gusto, they were both timid.)

Later, they went to dinner in a romantic log cabin. “I feel comfortable when I’m with Nicki,” Ben said. And they talked about how she’d integrate into his life. “I see myself living there and working there,” she explained. Then they talked about important things like how many kids the each wanted. Ben said he wanted 4 kids, and Nicki wants 2. But she sounded very open to changing her mind on that.

When it was time to give her an overnight card, Ben said he hoped she was ready for it. He really did seem nervous, sucking in his lips and then licking them. And Nicki did accept the key for the couple fantasy suite. “I’m so happy and flattered,” Ben said.

Nicki and Ben sat on the floor in front of a fire, drinking wine. Then they moved to an indoor hot tub. “I’m not a cocky person, but I am confident that I would make you so happy,” she told him. And though she’s been the quiet dark horse of The Bachelor 2012, I found myself rooting for her so much.

“I found love, and I want it.” – Nicki Sterling

But will she get it?

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