When Prison Break ended nearly two years ago, it’s fans were sad to see many of the characters disappear from their TV screens. But probably no character was missed more than Robert Knepper’s deliciously evil character, T-Bag. Prison Break fans, get ready, because T-Bag is back and badder than ever.

A&E’s new hit series, Breakout Kings follows two US Marshals, Charlie Duchamp and Ray Zancanelli (Laz Alonso and Domenick Lombardozzi), who team up with three cons to capture cons that have broken out of jail. Each of the three cons on the team, Lloyd Lowery (Jimmi Simpson – who Small Screen Scoop really loved on Party Down), Shea Daniels (Malcolm Goodwin) and Erica Reed (Serinda Swan) each bring their own special talents to the table. Rounding out the team is Julianne (Brooke Nevin) who does research the about the cases. Every episode starts with what creator/writer Nick Santora describes as “a huge breakout… some require genius and a lot of violence and some are done with genius and barely raising a finger” by the con.

On this Sunday’s episode, you can bet the breakout will be the former because the con on the run is the infamous T-Bag. When I asked Santora if he always intended to intertwine Breakout Kings with his previous hit show, he said it didn’t come up right away. But after A&E picked it up, he and Matt Olmstead talked it over.

“People loved to hate [T-Bag] and we knew to bring him back would be exciting.”

It turned out Knepper didn’t need much convincing either. He was happy to put back on T-Bag’s prosthetic hand (the character’s hand was cut off in the season 1 finale of Prison Break) – just as long as Santora guaranteed that T-Bag wouldn’t die. And thank goodness for that, because even if he is almost always on a murderous rampage, the world just wouldn’t be the same with out him.

Hopefully this promise will lead to another appearance on the show. It seems it was a lovefest between Knepper and the Breakout Kings crew. A lot of that came from his previous experience with Santora and Olmstead.

“When you work with someone for so long, there is a trust. And Bob trusted us to give T-Bag a great story… It is some of the best writing I’ve done in my life.”

So I guess that means we should stay tuned, just in case that one-handed baddie shows his face again. And speaking of old baddies, when I asked Santora about the two cons that didn’t make it through the first case – Philly and Gunderson (Nicole Steindwedell and Brock Johnson) – Santora said, “They are gone…. Or are they?” Oh, the intrigue!!!

Be sure to tune in to A&E every Sunday night to watch some wonderfully written Marshals and cons catch some cons.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae and read her blog I heart TV

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