The Isaac Foundation has a post titled “In Defense of John Mayer” . I’m a bit of a sap and am tearing up after reading it, so I’ll just post a couple excerpts as to why it’s such a sweet read:

The genuine time he gives him during his stops here in Canada, the warm reception he gives Isaac each time he sees him, and the special way he makes my son feel is something that I will always appreciate the man for.

Write what you want about John, think what you will, but before you hand down your verdict on what kind of person he really is, please consider the good he has done in his life.

I’m typing this away as I snuggle up with the boys. They had a fun day at the hospital, came home and made John a Valentine to give him on Sunday. They are looking forward to seeing John at his concert in Toronto. A few minutes ago I asked Isaac to tell me three words he would use to describe John and he responded “Nice, Friendable, and Loveable”. Print that bloggers, and give John his fair shake.

I also found this comment on Twitter that I especially liked:

On Sunday 14th February 2010, @barefootgrace said:
@johncmayer interviewers pride themselves on getting to know the ‘real’ celeb, they want to peel back the layers in order to discover & introduce a new side of you. Your music, shared with the world @ the interviewers fingertips, tells the stories of who you are. You give your music all of your heart. Don’t let this moment stop you. 1/2 of your heart won’t do.