Tonight on AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ returns with episode 11 in season 4 with “Claimed” featuring a returned focus to Rick, Carl, and Michonne as they’re reunited.

The Walking Dead on AMC

The Walking Dead on AMC – Source: AMC

Two weeks ago on The Walking Dead we saw Michonne luckily find Rick and Carl holed up in a rural home while Rick recovered from his fight with the Governor. Now that they’re back together the small group has to decide what to do next.

In the preview clip below from tonight’s Episode 11 we see Michonne questioning Rick’s desire to press on in their journey or to stay there at the house. Looks like Rick isn’t quite ready to venture back out in to the wild just yet so Michonne heads out to get supplies. When Rick tries to come along she declines his offer.

Hopefully we’ll also learn more about the new Walking Dead characters that showed up at the very end of last week’s episode to rescue an ailing Glenn. Of course we’re also waiting to see what will happen between Daryl and Beth. Check back with us tonight for our Walking Dead recap.

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The Walking Dead – Episode 411 – Rick & Michonne

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