We’re watching so you don’t have to.

Jenny McCarthy is stuck in 1999. She’s said some questionable phrases but none more damning than “peeps.”

Justin Bieber knows how to create a party atmosphere for New Years Eve – singing one of the most depressing Beatles songs (“Let It Be”), and doing a pretty bad cover of it to boot!

– Jenny McCarthy insulted Kim Kardashian (apparently Sinead O’Connor just ended her marriage in shorter time than Kim did), her ex-husband Jim Carrey, then promoted Blackberry and Weight Watchers.

Ryan Seacrest alluded to global warming without realizing it.

LMFAO performed.

Mariah Carey was dubbed as having the best New Years Rockin’ Eve Performance of the past 40 years.

– We heard from various people who’ve come from all over to stand in Times Square. How do they keep from being hungry or needing to use the bathroom? One young woman said “Two words: willpower.” (Not realizing it’s one word.)

– For the third hour, Nicki Minaj performed “Super Bass” in a platinum blonde wig and a metallic blue and silver mullet style skirt that looked like something Judy Jetson would wear.