White Collar : Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay

White Collar : Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay

The new USA show White Collar looks decently interesting. It pairs the con artist Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) against a FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay). Burke and Caffrey have a cat and mouse type of relationship until Caffrey gets caught. But Caffrey escapes the maximum-security prision (for love!) and gets caught by Burke yet again. Caffrey suggests that the only way to keep an eye on him is to actually keep a literal eye on him. So Neal Caffrey agrees to help the FBI catch the white collar criminals they can never seem to catch. It’s sort of like the movie Catch Me If You Can, but on a weekly basis.

The show also stars Tiffani Thiessan and Willie Garson (Sex and the City).  Not a shabby cast list. I have a fondness for Matt Bomer because he was in the short-lived show Traveler, as well as Tru Calling and Chuck. Ironically, in Traveler, Bomer’s character was also being chased by the FBI. Man, those feds just don’t quit!

White Collar will premiere with limited commercial interruption on Friday, Oct 23 at 10pm/9c!

Pictures from the pilot after the jump.

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