Here are your August True Blood season 4 spoilers. Enjoy!

In “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”
Bill makes an popular choice for vampires, and it’s an order from their king.
Eric’s going to enjoy his amnesia.
Pam gets a “body peel.”
Alcide and Debbie join a new pack of wolves.

In “Spellbound”
Bill fights Marnie.
Sookie and Eric bow down to the King, Bill.
Jessica gets kicked out.
Jason has romantic troubles. (With Jessica?)
Sookie almost dies.

In “Run”
Jesus gives Layfayette an exorcism.
There is a “Festival of Tolerance.”

In “Burning Down the House”
Sookie uses her fairy powers.
The woman Marnie has in her is Antonia.
Tara and Holly get kidnapped by Marnie

Source: True Blood season 4 press release

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