Do you love Zooey Deschanel‘s style and how it translates to her character on New Girl? Then let’s take a closer look not just at her clothing, but at her bedroom! It’s a wonderful set piece. Very jazzy and cozy.

Jess Day (ItsJessTweets) posted an image of her New Girl bedroom on Twitter. Because the character of Jess Day is so similar (stylistically) to Zooey Deschanel, it’s easy to imagine that this is Zoey Deschanel’s real bedroom. Of course, she can afford more than Jess can!

  1. Waverly MALDIVES BEN PAPAYA Decorative Fabrics
  2. Coral Lamp – Pier 1
  3. Bowmont Mirror – Anthropologie
  4. Ashworth Curved Queen Headboard – Pier 1
  5. Papillion Print – Viva Terra
  6. Red Flower Mini Lamp – Pier 1
  7. Teal Tone 663 Paint and Regent Green Paint – Benjamin Moore
  8. Embroidered Applique Pillow –  Pier 1

(Note, all for the collage below.)

To get a similar tone to Jess Day’s bedroom then you’ll want to use a woven rug, use pops of a dark bluegreen and a bright aqua (if you can’t paint the wall, incorporate it somehow), have unique and kitchy lamps, and hang some handmade art on your walls (I suggest getting it cheaply from some of the great artists on Etsy and then framing it.)

Other things Jess has in her bedroom include a botanical print, a little silver sequined purse, a metal mesh cage hung up and used as a bookcase, little glass bottles with corks (full of seashells or potpourri?), and a bulletin board with a chalk board over it. (Is it awful that I love chalkboards but think they are so hipster these days?)

new girl bedding

Bros gotta be bros. Or something.

Artful chaos.

Look for some upcoming similar features based on the Revenge houses and sets!