Today, Zooey Deschanel made me go bra shopping.

new girl bra

Nick and Jess. Photo: Fox

New Girl Season 3, Episode 3 | New Girl “Double Date” – Fashion Feature

The reason I was inspired to search for a new bra is a direct reaction to seeing Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) in the sweetest pink lace bra on the New Girl episode “Double Date.” It was feminine, not too revealing, and …sexy, dammit!

These are the pale pink and lace bras I came up with:

zooey deschanel bra

New Girl Fashion : Pink Bra

Note: I went to several online shops to search for this Jessica Day bra in a pale pink with lace. (Like Soma and Bare Necessities.) As it happened, I found options only at this one store you see above. I’d never even heard of the shop before, but I think I am a new fan. (And I was not paid to plug the site, no.)

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jess and nick

nick and jess

nick and jess