Red is the color of seduction for Jess Day!

In New Girl “Bad in Bed” Jess (Zooey Deschanel) has decided to take her relationship with Paul (Justin Long) to the natural next step (sex.) So, she does another natural thing, she asks her roommates for advice on sexin’ up Paul. Aye!

Jess Day’s outfits include a red pleated dress. This is her date-night dress. It looks like the Blue Sleeveless Ruffle Dress from Bloomingdale’s that she already wore once.

Consider the similar Vermilion Reasons Why Dress from Mod Cloth for $49.99

She certainly favors small crossbody purses. Pair a bold red dress with romantic pleating with a pair of neutral colored flats and add your smile to the equation.

And here’s a funky blue blazer.

Plus, her glasses!