Forget Sherlock and Watson, we’re all about Nev and Max.

nev and max

Nev and Max. Check it: I typo’d this as “Nex.” Photo: Nev Schulman Facebook.

I’ll fess up, half the reason I still watch MTV’s Catfish is because I find Nev Schulman and Max Joseph totally charming and sweet. Even their friendship is adorable. I respect their integrity and love how they approach their jobs on the show. As the episodes’s progress, Schulman has especially become a stronger, slightly more agressive force. I love that he is so supportive and goes to bat for people, but he’s let Max influence him in a “take no BS” way of life.

Another thing I take away from Nev and Max on Catfish is how they incorporate humor. If I was working on a show like this, I would feel stressed out 24/7 for the other people, and never enjoy myself. But just in a recent episode, Nev and Max told Ashley that she was allowed to relax and enjoy the process as a part of her life. The mini bits of humor that MTV splices into Catfish are some of the best bits from an entire episode.

And, hey, they’re both easy on the eyes.

So, anyone else feeling like this? Mini-crushes? Something that’s occurred to me is that other people probably feel the same way. And how far would someone go for this kind of crush? Would YOU ever try to get on Catfish, just to meet one of them? I think we’ll see some interesting results on this poll… so let’s see what you guys think…

Catfish Poll: Pick one!

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