Building up our Netflix suggestions from our initial Netflix Instant Watch Suggestions Post back in February 2010, we are now going to consistently keep you up to date on what’s worth wasting some time on!

We have three categories for Netflix Instant Watch Recommendations:

  1. MOVIES: I just want Netflix Movie suggestions! See: Netflix Suggestions Movies
  2. TV SHOWS: I just want Netflix TV Show suggestions! See: Netflix Instant Watch TV Shows
  3. BOTH: I want any Netflix Instant Watch Rec’s: See: Netflix Instant Watch Recommendations

You can filter whether you’d like just movie suggestions or TV show suggestions, or whether you want suggestions of any sort. The movies will probably have a tie-in with an actor from a TV show. Although, technically, as Netflix has taken over the small screen with their amazing Instant Watch feature, anything is game.

What does your Netflix Instant Watch List look like? Mostly movies, mostly TV shows? Are you partial to the horror genre? Maybe you have a good eye for quality period miniseries. Whatever your niche happens to be, we want to know! If you have Netflix suggestions, please feel free to leave comments to share them with other like-minded tv/movie enthusiasts. All Netflix Instant Watch recommendations are welcome. Trust us, you aren’t alone in your love of this feature.

Visit the Small Screen Scoop Master Netflix Streaming List Suggestions Post. You can also use these linked tabs zip right to Netflix Instant Watch TV Shows, or Netflix Suggestions Movies or Netflix Instant Watch Recommendations in general. Enjoy your TV!