There’s a consensus about Mao’s Last Dance – people are raving about what a beautiful film (not movie, film) this is. In fact, The New York Observer called Mao’s Last Dance, “a masterpiece.”

mao's last dance dvdSynopsis: Based on Li Cunxin’s bestselling autobiography of the same name, MAO’S LAST DANCER is the fascinating and epic tale of Li Cunxin, a peasant boy from rural China who beats impossible odds to become a world-renowned ballet dancer. Through breathtaking talent and sheer determination, Li makes his way to the United States, but when he falls in love with an American woman, he must risk everything to remain in the land of the free. Helmed by two-time Oscar Nominee Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy and Tender Mercies), MAO’S LAST DANCER will stir the soul and leave you cheering!

Mao’s Last Dance is being released on DVD and Blu Ray on March 29. If you have Netflix, make sure to add it to your que now.

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