What’s good on Netflix Instant Watch right now in terms of TV? Obvs I have suggestions since I watch a honking amount of stuff.

– Coupling season 1, 2 (A series that never did well in the USA, but is amazing in British form. It’s like Friends, with more sex and cool accents. For Leverage fans – this has Gina Bellman)
– Satisfaction season 1 (A Showtime series from Australia, very similar to Secret Diary of a Call Girl.)
– Skins Vol 1, Vol 2
– Party Down season 1 (Hysterical. Watch it NOW.)
– Fraggle Rock season 1 (OMG!!! I watched two episodes. It doesn’t quite capture my attention the same, but it’s nice to reminisce.)
– The IT Crowd season 1, 2, 3 (I might re-watch some of the episodes, it’s crazy-funny.)
– The Tudors season 1, 2 (Season one was my favorite.)
– Heroes season 1
– Doctor Who : The Pirate Planet (This is one of the older movies, no clue if it’s good but I bet it’d be fun to see. A planet of pirates? Rad.)
– Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Like The Twilight Zone, but with a man with an enormous belly who introduces the stories first.)
– The Adams Family Vol 1 (I used to watch this on an old black and white TV with my Dad.)
– SNL (Several seasons available, but nothing in the double digits. Dammit, I thought this was my chance to re-see some of my teenage classic’s aka the one with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I think that was season 15.)
– Doctor Who series 1, 2, 3, 4
– The Guild seasons 1 & 2 (So highly recommend by me!!!!)
– MST3k: Tormented (If you saw the recent episode of Community, this is perfect.)
– SNLĀ  : The Best of Jimmy Fallon (Whatever, I used to crush on him.)
– Head Case season 1, 2
– Cashmere Mafia (KIDDING!)
– Sabrina the Teenage Witch
– Leverage season 1, 2
– Friday Night Lights 1,2, 3 (An addictive show.)
– Dead Like Me season 1, 2 (The movie is also there, but do NOT waste your time, I haaaated the movie.)