I think Barney Stinson would approve of Harris's performance because it was LEGENDARY. PH: CBS

Neil Patrick Harris went to his twitter account on March 2nd to let us know that, “I will not be performing a duet with Martin Short to open the Oscars. Misinformation, I’m afraid. Should I maybe pull a Kanye, mid-show?” Bit it turned out that NPH actually opened the show in a stunning song and dance number (and sparkly black tuxedo jacket by Dolce & Gabbana and legions of chorus girls in feathers) and there WAS a Kanye moment – but it didn’t come from him. (The Kanye moment had to do with some strange white woman in a purple cardigan. EDIT: Full story of that weirdness is at

Still – Harris was right, he didn’t duet with Martin Short. And that’s exactly what is posted on his twitter account this morning, “I told you I wasn’t doing a duet…” and you can almost hear his smirk.

Many people on Twitter seemed unimpressed by Oscar hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, and vocalized that they wished NPH had hosted the entire thing. Of course, we do tend to judge our Oscar emcee’s pretty harshly so I think anyone in that position tends to get criticized. But I DO look forward to the day that NPH hosts the Oscars. Maybe that’ll be a show where I don’t head to bed early. (Shhh! I had a long day! It was our 1st annual Not-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving day in our family so I had to BAKE and everything!)

If you missed the opening musical number –  or just want to watch it again – I’ve included the full performance after the jump.