NBC is once again trying to be the King of Thursday night, with the “Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update,” “Parks & Recreation,” “The Office” and “Community” two-hour lineup. Here are my thoughts and some clips from last night.

SNL Weekend Update: Weekend Update has always been my favorite part of SNL. Sure, some skits here and there are brilliant but Weekend Update has always consistently made me laugh and that cannot be said for the rest of the show. Seth Myers and Amy Poehler are not my favorite anchors. That honor goes to Dan Ackroyd/Jane Curtin and Kevin Nealon. But I do love the half-hour Weekend Update show. I wish they would do LESS of the other cast members appearing in bits and MORE news segments, but overall I really enjoy it.

Parks & Recreation: Easily the weakest of the four shows, but not terrible. I gave it a couple episodes last year and didn’t like it, but I’m glad I’ve tuned back in this season. I thought the season premiere, where Amy Poehler’s character married two male penguins at the Zoo on accident and ended up as an advocate for the gays, was brilliant and hilarious.

The Office: Best comedy on TV, one of the best shows on TV. Brilliant, funny, nuanced, and real. I love The Office and so far season 6 has been just as good as its past seasons. I can’t wait to see how the co-manager thing between Michael and Jim plays out. Also, The Office is excellent at giving us multiple interesting stories each night, as evidenced last night by Dwight, Toby and Darryl’s subplot. Hilarious. If you don’t watch The Office, you should. Buy the DVDs and get caught up.

Community: The pilot didn’t grab me, mostly because all the funny parts had been shown in the promos and they weren’t even THAT funny. However, last night was a stronger showing and has me on board to watch at least one or two more episodes.