What new NBC show debuting in spring 2011 has us pining away?

Becki Newton on Love Bites. Photo: NBC

The NBC Spring Schedule for 2011 includes one new show that Small Screen Scoop is exceptionally excited about.In the midst of possible “maybes” for our TV schedule, Love Bites with Becki Newton is our hope for a bright and shiny new show that gives us what we loved about Sex and the City, without feeling like a flop four episodes into the series (I am pointing no fingers to Lipstick Jungle, ahem.) Anywho, don’t miss out on our unrequited Love Bites coverage!

Of course, there are other new NBC shows. There’s The Cape, Harry’s Law and Perfect Couples. Not to mention Parks and Recreation is finally returning!

NBC’s Spring Primetime Preview Show: A looks at NBC’s new shows including “The Cape,” “Harry’s Law,” “Perfect Couples,” the return of “Parks and Recreation,” and Steve Carell’s final episodes of “The Office.”

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Visit the Official NBC Website for goodies on all the Spring Primetime TV shows.

The Cape

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Harry’s Law

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Perfect Couples

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Love Bites

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Paul Reiser Show

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