With Glee back on our small screens (or maybe your TV screen is huge, and in which case I am mega jealous…) that also means Glee season 2 is out on DVD and Blu-ray. And as always, (like a super loyal, super attractive dog) I’m here to review the special features for you. A copy was provided by Fox Home Entertainment. For which we thank them. Er, uh…Namaste.

While looking through the second season and the special features, I realized how much more screen time Naya Rivera and Heather Morris get these days. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to refer to them as “those other Cheerios.” It’s been really nice to see the characters of Santana and Brittany  fleshed out and giving more screen time. The writers have realized what a gem (aka comedy gold) they have in both of these characters. And if the Glee season 3 premiere gives us an indication for the future direction of the New Directions on the show, there’s going to be plenty happening with Brittany and Santana (even if one of them was kicked from the group!)

For season 3, both of the characters are going to have major storylines. And off screen, the actresses have just as much love and attention as their Glee counterparts. (Many commenters on the web noted they liked Rivera’s 2011 Emmy dress more than any other Glee actresses dress.) Both Santana and Brittany have a Glee special feature based on them. That makes them pretty special. Which is nothing you didn’t already know, huh?

Of course, there are plenty of special features to get excited about!

Included in the Glee season 2 dvd special features is “Building Glee’s Auditorium with Cory Monteith” which utilizes Monteith as a humorous tour guide for the auditorium that was built on a sound stage during Glee season 2. You also get interview snippets with the production designer and set decorator.

“A Day in the life of Brittany” features Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pierce riding on a bicycle. It was a little confusing how the real Heather was merged with Brittany. It is Heather’s trailer you get a tour of, but she’s doing it as Brittany. There’s gnomes, a talking couch… And then we see her in the makeup chair, on set and in the studio. There’s a Bearstein Bears reference! Glad to see the Bears live on in our hearts even if they were mercilessly torn out of Cedar Point!

Learn all about how the cast and crew felt while filming Glee in New York City in the aptly named feature “Shooting Glee in New York City.”

Guest stars are always happy to be on Glee. Get to know what they think of the filming process in the special “Guesting on Glee.” Katie Couric, Kristin Chenoweth, Carol Burnett, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Stamos and more all are featured! It’s refreshing to see big Hollywood types getting genuinley amped up and excited.

There’s also a special about Stevie Nicks, Sue Sylvester Quotes aka Insults, Santana’s Quotes aka… Insults, and plenty more.

The Glee season 2 DVD release date was September 13, it is available now (also on Blu-ray!) Buy the DVD on Amazon.

Aside from 22 episodes you get the Glee season 2 dvd special features:

Glee Music Jukebox
Guesting on Glee
Stevie Nick Goes Glee
A Day in The Life of Brittany
Shooting Glee in New York City
Sue’s Quips
Santana Slams
Building Glee’s Auditorium with Cory Monteith
The Making of the Rocky Horror Glee Show
Exclusive Bonus Song – “Planet, Schmanet, Janet”
Getting Waxed with Jane Lynch
The Wit of Brittany
Glee at Comic-Con 2010